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1. Emphasize what your site offers that's of value to users and how your services
differ from those of key competitors: When users have needs, they typically query
search engines and allocate only a few seconds to scan each of the sites that
the search engine drags up.

2. Use a liquid layout that lets users adjust the homepage size: Different users
have different monitor sizes. People with big monitors want to be able to resize
their browsers to view multiple windows simultaneously. You can't assume that
everyone's window width is 800 pixels:

3. There's no reason to label the search box if there's a "Search" button
right next to it.

4. Don't include an active link to the homepage on the homepage

a. If they click it, a link leading to the current page is an utter waste of users'

b. Worse, such links cause users to doubt whether they're really at the location
they think they're at.

c. Worst of all, if users do follow these no-op links they'll be confused as to
their new location,

particularly if the page is scrolled back to the top.


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