A quick reference to .NET string formatting in C#

Every object has a method called ToString that returns a string representation of the object. The ToString method can accept a string parameter, which tells the object how to format itself - in the String.Format call, the formatting string is passed after the position, for example, "{0:##}"

The text inside the curly braces is {index[,alignment][:formatString]}. If alignment is positive, the text is right-aligned in a field the given number of spaces; if it's negative, it's left-aligned.

String.Format("{0:$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00);Zero}", value); :- This will output "$1,240.00" if passed 1243.50.

Basic number formatting specifiers:
SpecifierTypeFormat Output (Passed Double 1.42)Output (Passed Int -12400)
dDecimal (Whole number){0:d}System.FormatException-12400
fFixed point{0:f}1.42-12400.00
nNumber with commas for thousands{0:n}1.42-12,400
rRound trippable{0:r}1.42System.FormatException

Custom number formatting:
SpecifierTypeExample Output (Passed Double 1500.42)Note
0Zero placeholder{0:00.0000}1500.4200Pads with zeroes.
#Digit placeholder{0:(#).##}(1500).42
.Decimal point{0:0.0}1500.4
,Thousand separator{0:0,0}1,500Must be between two zeroes.
,.Number scaling{0:0,.} 2Comma adjacent to Period scales by 1000.
%Percent{0:0%}150042%Multiplies by 100, adds % sign.
eExponent placeholder{0:00e+0}15e+2Many exponent formats available.
;Group separatorsee below

The group separator is especially useful for formatting currency values which require that negative values be enclosed in parentheses. This currency formatting example at the bottom of this document makes it obvious: Dates

Note that date formatting is especially dependant on the system's regional settings; the example strings here are from my local locale.
SpecifierTypeExample (Passed System.DateTime.Now)
dShort date10/12/2002
DLong dateDecember 10, 2002
tShort time10:11 PM
TLong time10:11:29 PM
fFull date & time December 10, 2002 10:11 PM
FFull date & time (long)December 10, 2002 10:11:29 PM
gDefault date & time10/12/2002 10:11 PM
GDefault date & time (long)10/12/2002 10:11:29 PM
MMonth day patternDecember 10
rRFC1123 date stringTue, 10 Dec 2002 22:11:29 GMT
sSortable date string2002-12-10T22:11:29
uUniversal sortable, local time2002-12-10 22:13:50Z
UUniversal sortable, GMTDecember 11, 2002 3:13:50 AM
YYear month patternDecember, 2002

Custom date formatting:
SpecifierTypeExample Example Output
dddDay name{0:ddd}Tue
ddddFull day name{0:dddd}Tuesday
f, ff, ...Second fractions{0:fff}932
gg, ...Era{0:gg}A.D.
hh2 digit hour{0:hh}10
HH2 digit hour, 24hr format{0:HH}22
mmMinute 00-59{0:mm}38
MMMonth 01-12{0:MM}12
MMMMonth abbreviation{0:MMM}Dec
MMMMFull month name{0:MMMM}December
ssSeconds 00-59{0:ss}46
ttAM or PM{0:tt}PM
yyYear, 2 digits{0:yy}02
zzTimezone offset, 2 digits{0:zz}-05
zzzFull timezone offset{0:zzz}-05:00


  1. String.Format("{0:R}", DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "PostedDate"))


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