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Export responses of sharepoint survey with rating scales to excell sheet

Last day I was not able to export the responses of a sharepoint survey which has multiple rating scale questions.

I removed '&' from the questions .I created a new page in the site with single dataview using sharepoint designer. But none of them did not work for me.

At last resolved the issue by removing 'tabs' from the questions. It happened when I copied questions from a word document, while I created survey.

Join in Update/Delete Statement in SQL Server

Update Statement
SET t1.TargetCol1 = t2.SourceCol1,
t2.TargetCol2 = t2.SourceCol2
FROM Table1 AS t1
INNER JOIN Table2 AS t2 ON t2.PrimaryCol = t1.PrimaryCol

DELETE TB1 FROM Table1 TB1 INNER JOIN StagingTable ON Table1.Field2 = StagingTable.Field2

Single Responsibility Principle Poster

Just because you can implement all the features in a single device, you shouldn't". Why? Because, it adds lot of manageability problems for you in the long run.