February 14, 2011

Crystal Reports .NET Error: "Load Report Failed"

I lost almost 6 hours on this issue.

One of my VS 2005 ASP .net  project was working perfectly in server and devolopment machine. I converted it from web site to web application. But after this, crystal reports started to throw errors in the server, it is still working in the local devolopment environment. Error is a general one "Load Report Failed", which can happen due to various reasons.
  • Checked Permissions, rights...
  • Checked versions of CR in the server and devolopment machine
  • Changed registry value (max print limit)
  • Rebuild, published , restarted IIS several times
Nothing worked. :(
At last we found that the problem was with publishing our website through VS 2005 and our rpt files were not copied to publish folder due to some starnge reason. In the code we were trying to load report file from that folder thats why it was giving error as Load Report Failed....

So if you found this issue first check whether report folder contains .rpt files. If it is not there you can resolve this issue by copying .rpt files into the corresponding folders.

The build action for a file can be changed in the property window when the file is selected in the solution explorer.

Unable to start debugging on the web server. IIS does not list an application that matches the launched URL

I am using VS 2005 & Windows 7. When I try to run the web application in the debug mode following error message displayed.

"Unable to start debugging on the web server. IIS does not list an application that matches the launched URL."

I failed to eun it even after installing the hot fix specified here
But it started working after enabling window authentication in IIS

February 09, 2011

ഫാദുവിന്റെ വികൃതികള്‍

മുഹമ്മദ്‌ ദിനോസര്‍.. ABCD ഒരു ബീഡി ....
അപ്പു കുട്ടാ തൊപ്പി... ദോശ നല്ല ദോശ ... പാപ്പി അപ്പച്ചാ...

ഫാദൂ  ബെന്‍ 10 വാപ്പ മണ്ടന്‍ 
ഫാദൂ  ബെന്‍ 10 വാപ്പ മണ്ടന്‍ reloaded
ഫാദുവിന്റെ കഥ

February 07, 2011

To list all the dependent objects of a table in SQL Server

Below statement will list all the related stored procedures, tables....

EXEC sp_MSdependencies N'dbo.[TABLE_NAME]', null, 1315327

To Open Visual Studio IDE Quicker

Every time you open IDE, you can see some news section in the home page which is actually downloaded from the internet. Normally I don't use any of these links or news. So i don't mind to disable this feature which will reduce the loading time of VS IDE. Follow below steps to disable it.

  1. Open VS IDE
  2. Go To Tools->Options
  3. Select Environment->startup
  4. Select the option "Show empty enviornment"
  5. Unselect the "Download content every" checkbox
Thats it!!