Visual Studio shortcut keys

1. CTRL + ".": This is actually a shortcut for a shortcut. it is the same as CTRL + SHIFT + F10 which opens the smart tag window and allows you to add Using statements

2. CTRL + "k" + "f" and CRTL + "k" + "d": these two will format the code in the window to be nicely indented. using "d" will format all the document while using "f" will format only selected text. The formatting is for all types of documents, HTML, Xaml, XML, C#… This one is my favorite.

3. SHIFT + Del: This one will cut the entire row from the document and past it to the clipboard. No need to select the row, just put the marker there and click SHIFT + Del and it is gone.

4. CTRL + "k" + "c" and CTRL + "k" + "u": These two are for commenting selected text (the "c" options) and uncommenting selected text (the "u" option).

5. ALT + ENTER: this little shortcut will open up the Properties window

6. F12: I think you all know this but still F12 is the shortcut for the "Go to definition" command which will take you to the definition of the object your marker is currently on.

7. F9: Another one i think you all know, clicking on F9 will add a breakpoint to the code line your marker is currently at. Clicking F9 again will remove this breakpoint from that line.

8. CTRL + ALT + "q": This one will open the Quick watch window while you debug


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