A poem by my Father: A Bridge at Sun

From Dream to Reality

The horizon blushed crimson
The backwaters sang lullaby
To the boats that rocked with the ripples
In the lake that bosomed the life around.

The island lay in the lap of the lake
Waiting for the night to fall over
The palm groves that glowed green
Grew darker against a painted sky.

A wistful dream of the islanders
For a bridge that would fill the chasm
To hug the city at random
Did come true at long last.

A bridge spanned across the lake
Like an arch that bade welcome
Fro all the sons and sisters of the island,
To the comforts and warmth of a home.

Life shall never be the same
Speed shall rule the roads
The waters that lulled the pace
Shall flow quiet beneath the bridge.

The darkness spreads across the waters
The city blinks open its umpteen eyes
The port, the boats and the ships
All glittered in the waves like a sea of stars..

An old man stood on the bank
A thousand sparks in his mind
Of the quiet journeys in the ferry
Of the beautiful sunsets he loved.

The bridge may bring prosperity,
Convenience and comforts to all
But, some of us shall miss the boat,
The sunsets, the cool breeze, the twilight,
And the waters rocking us to a dreamy sleep.


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