me Telepathist ??

Hey believe me I can read your mind.
Think a small number
Double this number
Add 8 to the result
Divide the result by 2
Subtract the original number
Convert this into a letter of the alphabet. (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E etc.)
Think of the name of a country which starts with this letter.
Think of an animal whose name starts with the country's second letter.

hahaha You are wrong actually there is no elephants in Denmark except some in the zoo..

Thank you friends for not thinking about ostrich in Dominica. Still you don't think I mastered the art of telepathy, then try this
Think a 3-digit number where the first and last digits differ by 2 or more...
"reverse" number, obtained by reading it backwards.
Subtract the smaller of these two numbers from the larger one.
Add the result to its own reverse.

Is it 1089 ?


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